Cloud Provider IT Decision Center

Cloud Provider IT Decision Center

This collection of technical features mirrors the service provider purchasing process and addresses the main phases of deciding what product or service to buy and deploy:

  1. Tying business needs to technology
  2. Gathering information: The Request for Information (RFI)
  3. Questions to ask your vendors
  4. Decision time: Final differentiators to make a vendor selection

Part one of this guide looks at taking a business need and addressing it with technology solutions. Part two looks at conducting your technology review of product features required to fit your business case and is followed in part three by a list of the 10 most important questions you should ask your final vendors so you can compare their products. And finally, part four looks beyond product feature lists to the more hidden aspects that can make all the difference -- like knowing when to trade speed for price, SLAs and global support. Start to finish, it's all here.

Table of contents:

Enabling Cloud Services

Cloud service providers have to make every technology decision work on two levels -- to launch well-targeted cloud services to achieve their own business goals and to ensure those services intersect with enterprise customers' needs. To help providers work through the cloud infrastructure procurement process, this four-part IT Decision-Makers Guide walks through the steps of a typical RFP buying process.

First we break down how to assess the business and technology issues surrounding cloud services deployment. We move on to assessing the available technology options, including a list of questions you should ask your vendors before a buy. Finally, we look at the feature and service considerations to help you seal the deal.