The future of cloud computing: 2013

The future of cloud computing: 2013

January can be a bleak month for a lot of people. You might be battling the post-holiday blues or grappling with that New Year's resolution that sounded like such a good idea at the time.

We have something that can help lift your spirits. As 2013 begins to unfold, it's time to start looking ahead to the future of cloud computing, and our one-on-one interviews with cloud providers and expert forecasts reveal that there are new and exciting developments on the horizon for the future of the cloud. Get access here to all of our content analyzing the best of 2012 and what to expect in 2013, including Q&As with cloud market leaders and a tip that will make you believe our experts can actually see the future.

Table of contents:

Top 10 news stories of 2012: CloudStack vs. OpenStack and more

It's hard to move forward when you don't know where you've been -- so, let's take a moment to quickly review the past year of cloud computing news before we look ahead to what's coming in 2013. Check out's top 10 news stories of 2012 and review such hot topics as the CloudStack vs. OpenStack shake-up with Citrix, cloud disaster recovery issues at Amazon Web Services, cloud-in-a-box, the emergence of Platform as a Service, the legacy IT sinkhole and more.

Redefining our favorite cloud terms of 2012

Marketing babble can drive even the sanest of people out of their minds, especially when it comes to cloud. Defining cloud buzzwords can easily turn into a full-time job, but trust us: You don't want to go down that rabbit hole. Since everyone seems to come up with their own definitions for cloud terms, we thought we'd join in on the fun with some alternative definitions for a few of our most popular cloud terms of 2012.

Five big provider trends in 2013: Is the future of cloud computing PaaS?

Five changes stand out as major trends that cloud providers should be following this year, according to Tom Nolle, president of CIMI Corp. In this tip, Nolle explores the notion that the cloud providers have only realized less than 1% of the cloud market's total revenue opportunity, but there are several trends poised to catalyze growth in the market this year. Drivers include a more mature Platform as a Service market, an increase in cloud-buyer literacy, the growing role of software-oriented architecture and more.

No 'all or nothing' clouds: NTT America's hybrid cloud and DR strategy

After Superstorm Sandy devastated the East Coast in October 2012, many businesses learned the hard way that a disaster recovery strategy is crucial. More than ever, enterprises are looking to cloud providers to offer services that will help customers avoid downtime disasters like Sandy in the future. This help takes the form of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). A DRaaS strategy isn't complete, however, if it focuses solely on the data center, according to network operator and cloud provider NTT America. The network also must be reliable for customers during a disaster, and providers have a responsibility to make it that way. This news story features Nayan Naik of NTT America, who shares his thoughts on trends that shaped the market in 2012, as well as what the future of cloud computing looks like for NTT America customers. Software-defined networking, new DR strategies and hybrid cloud advancements are all on this provider's radar for 2013.

Xerox cloud chief hopes to strengthen channel and drive revenue in 2013

Xerox cloud chief Ken Stephens discusses the ups and downs of creating a channel partner program for the cloud -- an especially tricky issue for a company that has cultivated a strong managed services division of its own, while leaving hardware resale to partners. Not only does Stephens comment on Xerox's biggest accomplishments with cloud services in 2012, but he also provides insight into what's in the pipeline for Xerox's cloud strategy and its channel program in 2013.

Cloud Sherpas to expand partnerships beyond Google, Salesforce in 2013

Michael Cohn, co-founder and senior vice president of marketing at Cloud Sherpas, gives readers the inside scoop on what Cloud Sherpas has in the works for 2013, including the potential he sees for new partnership opportunities. Cohn also discusses lessons learned in 2012, as well as his thoughts on which cloud topics deserved more attention last year.