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Cloud computing platforms, applications study guide

Learn about cloud computing platforms and cloud computing applications with this study guide and get information on cloud requirements, pricing, categories and features.

A solutions provider's role in the cloud varies depending on their customer's requirements. This study guide provides information and best practices for cloud computing platforms and cloud computing applications.

New cloud computing platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, will be more appealing to some customers than others, depending on their needs. You will find out just how different the process is for setting up cloud computing platforms for your customers and you'll also learn about the requirements and services involved with the cloud. Find out which factors you need to take into consideration prior to implementation, such as security and the current hardware.

This study guide also offers information on the various cloud computing applications and how you can use them to create business opportunities. Take a look at the best practices for implementing cloud computing applications and services and learn how to tell whether your customer's environment is a good candidate for the cloud.

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This was last published in May 2010

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